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05.04.2017 13:01

Evidentor startup - Application for working time attendance

We launched a new startup together with our colleagues from Globetech, the Evidentor application. Evidentor is a web application designed to facilitate time and attendance. Evidentor offers users to register the start of working hours, breaks, and mark end of work. Evidentor also offers the management of all the related administrative procedures.

23.03.2017 12:39

MojDragulj - Web Shop

We have built a web shop for MojDragulj - handmade jewelry artisan shop

15.03.2017 10:07 startup - Application for servicing workers

We have launched a new startup, the Repair app! The Repair web application is designed to simplify and improve the work of servicing, in office or during fieldwork. Repair allows the ability to register receipts, open work orders and registration of shipments, as well as managing all information within the process.

02.03.2017 12:26

Bosnian Experience Website

We designed and developed a website with professional design for the booking company Bosnian Experience.

28.02.2017 12:48 - Website

We developed and created another successful website. This time for the firm Kamer Commerce d.o.o. Sarajevo.

25.02.2017 08:48

Mašinske instalacije d.o.o. Web site

Another successfully created and delivered website for a local company Mašinske instalacije d.o.o.

24.02.2017 15:08

InnoTech Internship

Students from the Sarajevo School of Science and Tehnology have successfully finished their one month internship in our company InnoTech.

04.02.2017 18:05

SurTec-Eurosjaj - Website

For the local company SurTec-Eurosjaj we developed a new website which presents their services and products. Along with professional design, we implemented our InnoTech CMS which serves for long term content editing of the website.

20.01.2017 19:06

GlobeTech - Web shop

For the newly opened company GlobeTech d.o.o. Sarajevo we developed a web shop to present You their work and offer the possibility of digital purchase.

19.01.2017 12:28

Nowakowski - Optimik OMS installation

For the Polish company Nowakowski (impl. Lignumsoft) we have conducted an installation of the Optimik OMS solution. The system is used for specialized order processing of work tops in the furniture industry.

04.01.2017 21:23

Indeco - Optimik OMS installation

For the Polish company Indeco (impl. Lignumsoft) we have conducted an installation of the Optimik OMS solution. The system is used for specialized order processing of work tops in the furniture industry.

09.12.2016 13:07

AdanaCO website

For the local company AdanaCO d.o.o. we developed a new website to showcase their business.

28.11.2016 09:31

THM Travel - Website

For the tourism agency THM we developed and implement a new website for tour booking.

03.11.2016 15:03

MIS presentation in Poland

We were given an opportunity with our partner Lignumsoft (Poland) to present InnoTech MIS to Polish companies in Kobylka (a small town near Warsaw). We marked uncharted achievement with our advancements and professionalism which was present during the presentations.

27.09.2016 16:59

Optimik OMS

For the Polish company Lignumsoft we developed a special version of our OMS. This OMS is designed to offer an intuitive and flexible interface for ordering manufacturing of worktops and elements.

27.09.2016 16:43 is a web platform that aims to modernize the application process for the universities in our region.