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22.09.2016 14:42

Laracasts - the best Laravel content on the web

Learning is always important for personal development. Laracasts offers the best videos to learn the Laravel framework and related topics, such as databases, front-end development and most other Web-oriented topics.

09.09.2016 08:32

Adana CO MIS

For the local company Adana CO we implemented our MIS. The Implementation was not a simple task and, as always, we had to adapt the system to their working environment. MIS for Adana follows the process of production, warehousing, working hours control and many other aspects of their business.

08.09.2016 15:24

HadzicGradnja website

For the local company HadzicGradnja d.o.o. we developed a new website to showcase their business.

17.08.2016 14:14

Barumkjokken OMS

For the Norwegian company Barumkjokken we implemented our OMS and adapted it to be compatible with their drawing software, "Winner". The OMS is used for registering new orders for manufacturers and monitoring the status of them.

17.08.2016 13:54

SurTec-Eurosjaj MIS

For the company Surtec Eurosjaj we have developed an information system that is intended for managing manufacturing. Sur-Tec required a smaller version of the original software to only manage machine work, packaging and shipment.

17.08.2016 08:41

Dženemi MIS

For the company Dženemi d.o.o. we have developed an information system that is intended for managing manufacturing and many other aspects of their business. Dženemi has had very specific requirements which we were able to implement.

17.08.2016 08:30

Begex MIS

For the company Begex d.o.o. we have developed an information system that is designed to monitor production and many other aspects of their business. MIS has received its full current form through this project.


MIS - Management Information System

InnoTech MIS is designed to provide a highly intuitive application for companies that deal with manufacturing. MIS handles material ordering, warehousing, workers, wages, offers, work orders, shipments and most other aspects of a company. MIS is designed to revolutionize the usage of business information systems on the web.


CMS - Content Management System

InnoTech CMS is designed to provide publishers and content authors a simple and versatile application to manage content for their websites. The CMS allows importing galleries, adding videos and working with Word-like editors with many predefined styles. The CMS also provides advanced publishing features to carefully plan content release.

03.08.2016 14:50

Temos d.o.o. website

Another successfully created and delivered website for a local company, Temos d.o.o.

15.07.2016 14:52


At the request of the association SAMED we have created and implemented a new website for the International Congress of medical sudents.

17.06.2016 15:10

Promenade INN website

At the request of the "Promenade INN" we have created a web site enabling them to present their accommodation capacities.

05.06.2016 14:50

Akta - Android application

For Akta we had the opportunity to adjust their application in order to better display their new identity.

12.03.2016 13:05


We developed and created another successful website for the company Olsen Innovations.

07.02.2016 13:30

Impuls-Sport scheduling web application

For the Impuls Sport gym we have developed and implemented an application for managing the gym's schedule, training credits and the tracking of client participation.

15.01.2016 18:35

Strojal MIS

For the company Strojal d.o.o. we have developed an information system that is intended for managing control and many other aspects of their business. MIS begun its development with the conceptualizing the solutions during this development.