CMS - Content Management System
15.08.2016 19:31

CMS - Content Management System

InnoTech CMS is designed to provide publishers and content authors a simple and versatile application to manage content for their websites. The CMS allows importing galleries, adding videos and working with Word-like editors with many predefined styles. The CMS also provides advanced publishing features to carefully plan content release.

What is a CMS?

A CMS (Content Management System) is an information system designed to provide editing capabilities of content on a website. A CMS depending on the deployment can  cover all the needs editors and content authors need such as the editing of articles, galleries or similar content. This system is used in order to update the content displayed to end-users, and to enrich and improve the content.

The CMS has special a access on the website and is protected for administrative users.

InnoTech CMS

InnoTech CMS is designed to be easy to use and tailored for various purposes. The primary focus of InnoTech CMS is quick and easy of publishing content with minimal configuration. The administrative section is also responsive, allowing easy usage from mobile devices. InnoTech CMS provides for an arbitrary number of administrative users and offers the ability to control user access (different users can use different parts of the system, this approach can be changed later if necessary).

Functionalities provided by InnoTech CMS:

  • User authentication
  • Access control of users and user management
  • The ability to change the menu structure in the administration as well as on the website
  • Adding new languages
  • Editing content categories
  • Editing Articles
  • The possibility of setting up posts in the future for publishing
  • Management and embeding of documents as well as images
  • Management of polls and video content
  • Forum management and organization
  • Web shopping
  • Processing payments via PayPal
  • User login with social networks
  • Newsletter integration

The very website that you are seeing here is using InnoTech CMS

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