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23.07.2018 10:02

New Horizons is a Rent a Car company that entrusted us creation of their web page. Project is successfully completed and web page is implemented with the use of the most modern technologies. This is done in a way that will offer visitors quality and accessible service.

20.07.2018 16:43


Web page creation for AAST - Asociation for advancement in science and technology. Web page was built with the most modern technologies, in design and in functional elements.

04.07.2018 10:17

Hotel Malak Regency - graphic design

We had a successful cooperation with Malak Regency Hotel. We did four different designs that will help this famous hotel to continue to promote its brand.

18.06.2018 15:29

HifaPetrol - Marketing

We started digital marketing on Youtube, Google for HifaPetrol.

15.05.2018 14:28

Another successfully created website this time we made the web for all lovers of shishe.

09.05.2018 13:21


Another successful web site this time for Blue Cow firm. The company "Blue Cow" for its basic activity has the production and sale of products, and the performance of services intended for the younger population, as well as for all those who feel so.

09.05.2018 09:55

Lamex MIS

Lamex became our client and decided to implement InnoTech MIS. The system needs to be adapted for their work environment. For Lamex, MIS will monitor the process of production, planning and organization of working hours as well as monitoring the work on machines and many other aspects of their work.

07.05.2018 13:48


Another well-developed website for real estate, but this time for Kuwait. Batee is a web that will help you with real estate in Kuwait, so you can buy or rent a house or apartment.

07.05.2018 13:46

Hifa - Petrol

Another successful cooperation this time was with Hifa-Petrol. Hifa Petrol offers top level of quality oil and petroleum products, as well as other goods and services at very reasonable prices.

20.04.2018 16:54

Spaology Body Bar

Another well-developed website for Spaologybodybar. Spaology is a blend of love for man and nature and the need to harmonize the modern way of life with nature.

10.04.2018 13:07


Another well-developed website for the Trebevic cableway. This cableway was connected by Bistrik with Vidikovac on Trebevic.

10.04.2018 13:05


Another successful cooperation this time was that we cooperated with the City Hall. Sarajevo Hall is a building in Sarajevo not far from Baščaršija on Mustaj-pašina mejdan and is one of the most beautiful and most representative objects from the Austro-Hungarian period.

10.04.2018 12:52

Javno Preduzece Sarajevo - JPSarajevo

Successful cooperation this time for a public company for the management, protection and maintenance of the buildings of the City of Sarajevo and the performance of communal activities of public interest of the City of Sarajevo SARAJEVO limited liability company Sarajevo

04.04.2018 14:31

InnoTech DMS

Our new startup application - InnoTech DMS

03.04.2018 14:43

Hifa petrol - DMS

Another successfully developed and implemented application this time in cooperation with HIFAPETROL we developed DMS.

28.03.2018 12:13


Another successfully developed web site for accounting services.