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20.11.2015 12:41

Podlupom website

We have worked with the team from the coalition 'Pod lupom' on the development of their new website.

17.10.2015 17:19

Ordinacija Razman Website

For the Razman clinic we have developed a simple but practical website that offers insight into their service and offer useful information.

08.08.2015 11:05

SFF web application

With our old colleagues, while still being under the name "Pointer" we worked for SFF to build an application for vote management.

13.06.2015 12:56

The Wolf in Love Browser game

This successfully developed browser game for children with special needs is especially dear to us.

15.05.2015 12:28

FEDZZO website

FEDZZO (Federal Institute for Health Insurance and Reinsurance) and InnoTech have collaborated on the development of the website.

21.01.2015 12:15

Sarajevo FC website

With our old colleagues, while still being under the name "Pointer" we worked for Sarajevo FC to build their new wbsite, shop and CRM.

27.09.2014 11:17

InnSport web application for warehousing

For INN SPORT we have made a web application which was intented to simplify regulation of warehouse stock. Through the app it is possible to registery stock entry and usage.

29.08.2014 12:34 website web site is designed to provide users information of politically nominated people working in the public sector, as well as other public sector employees.

28.06.2014 15:21

FreeFallDiets website

InnoTech d.o.o. has built the interactive website FreeFallDiets as per design of Dr. Edward Vidgen his and specifications. We added many suggestions on how to improve the usage flow. The quality of the resulting site exceeded all expectations and we also provide maintenance and helpful advice on a normal basis.

16.05.2014 20:55 browser game

The Premier League is the first fantasy football game that was made in BiH. The game is designed to offer players the ability to assemble their favorite team with players from the Premier League.

07.05.2014 13:26 website

Successfully developed a database of all private clinics and doctors in BiH.

05.03.2014 14:03

Valter Elektro d.o.o. WEBSITE

We have worked with the company Valter Elektro d.o.o. on development of their websites.

15.02.2014 17:55

Posao Narodu website web site is designed to provide users information on work laws, public funding programs, job applications and other public documents.

05.02.2014 10:24

Uči radi website

Uči Radi website is designed so users can easily find information on learning new professional skills.

04.04.2013 13:38

SarajevoFunkyTours website adjustments

We worked closely with the SFT crew in order to add additional functionality to their website. SFT is one of the most significant tour providers in Sarajevo and in the region.

05.02.2013 13:25

Pacomoby website

One of the first InnoTehcs projects. InnoTech has developed a webcatalog for Pacomoby market, allowing customers insight into the offer.