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We build both general and specialized software for any business or scale. High flexibility and customization options allow Your business to thrive the way You want. All solutions are built to be web-oriented.
E-Commerce solutions for any scale of web sales. We offer integration with some of the most popular payment methods in the world, including PayPal and Stripe.
Software migrations
Updating software may be very complex and tiring. We offer rebuilding services to allow You to move existing software to our platforms.
Consulting and development for building Your profile on the web. We provide design & dev services along with our custom CMS for all Your publishing and presentation needs.

Software development

Software is only as good as it's usage

Building and implementing software takes time and understanding. We provide solutions only after we have thoroughly analyzed Your business process. Communication between You and us is crucial for us to develop the product which You need. There is no one-fits-all solution and we understand that every business has specific requirements.

Software development
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Management Information System

InnoTech MIS is designed to provide a highly intuitive application for companies that deal with manufacturing. MIS handles material ordering, warehousing, workers, wages, offers, work orders, shipments and most other aspects of a company. MIS is designed to revolutionize the usage of business information systems on the web.

Order Management System

InnoTech OMS is designed to provide an intuitive and customizable environment for B2B order management. Catalog offers a wide range of features including element internationalization, price groups, model groups, global and local variable definition (per model or element).

Content Management System

InnoTech CMS is designed to provide publishers and content authors a simple and versatile application to manage content for their websites. The CMS allows importing galleries, adding videos and working with Word-like editors with many predefined styles. The CMS also provides advanced publishing features to carefully plan content release.

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15.05.2018 13:28

Another successfully created website this time we made the web for all lovers of shishe.

09.05.2018 12:21


Another successful web site this time for Blue Cow firm. The company "Blue Cow" for its basic activity has the production and sale of products, and the performance of services intended for the younger population, as well as for all those who feel so.

09.05.2018 08:55

Lamex MIS

Lamex became our client and decided to implement InnoTech MIS. The system needs to be adapted for their work environment. For Lamex, MIS will monitor the process of production, planning and organization of working hours as well as monitoring the work on machines and many other aspects of their work.

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Design & development
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Our professional service will allow You to enjoy the process of development

Aside from the top tier technologies that we use, we understand that IT industry may be challenging to grasp and work with. Thus, we try hard to simplify and streamline the entire development and provide professional consulting and support.

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