MIS - Management Information System
15.08.2016 19:41

MIS - Management Information System

InnoTech MIS is designed to provide a highly intuitive application for companies that deal with manufacturing. MIS handles material ordering, warehousing, workers, wages, offers, work orders, shipments and most other aspects of a company. MIS is designed to revolutionize the usage of business information systems on the web.

What is MIS?

MIS (management information system) is an information system designed to provide the functionality of managing the various aspects of a company including ordering supplies, managing offers and work orders, production, packaging, shipping and other processes in a company.

MIS can also serve as a tool to assist in decision-making and formulating analytics. MIS also contains the tools for keeping company documentation. MIS is also used for monitoring and planning. MIS should allow managers to have a quick and effective approach to planning and organizing the conduct of the firm's processes in production or in other contexts.

InnoTech MIS

InnoTech MIS is a web application designed to be simple to use and to be adaptable to all types of companies. The main aspect of the MIS is completely covering the manufacturing process / service work for a company. MIS covers the needs of planning, documentation, organization and documentation. MIS is designed to cover the whole process from the very beginning of an offers to a potential shipment with a truck.

The primary functionality provided by InnoTech MIS:

  • The ability to control access of each user group
  • Worker monitoring
  • Manging of clients, end customers and suppliers
  • Material ordering and warehousing
  • Categorization of work orders and organization of production and services through processes and models
  • Organization of the elements of production for orders
  • Offer management with a list of products / services for processing
  • Organization of work tasks and direct control of workers
  • Material usage control through production orders
  • The ability to print internationalized labels and documentation for packages
  • Monitoring and recording of shipment
  • Monitoring and recording of vehicles and fieldwork on a map
  • User communication through the system
  • Notifications by SMS, email or through the system for important events
  • Tools for planning delivery times and tasks
  • Tools for detailed analysis

In addition to these features, many secondary features exist. MIS is designed to make using the system as simple as possible. The system in many places offers printed or excel reports that can be used for various purposes including communication with other programs. The system is designed for direct data integration with many tools for drawing and modeling, including Corpus, Kitchen Draw, AutoCad and SOLIDWORKS.

General characteristics of the system

Almost nothing in the system cannot be "permanently" deleted. This means that any deleted input is recoverable. The system in almost all cases tries to intelligently solve problems if the user makes a mistake in their actions. The system takes into account the possibility of mistakes at all levels of use and will not prevent a user to obtain the final desired result. The system also offers environment editing, and it is possible to toggle many modules within the system.