Evidentor startup - Application for working time attendance
05.04.2017 13:01

Evidentor startup - Application for working time attendance

We launched a new startup together with our colleagues from Globetech, the Evidentor application. Evidentor is a web application designed to facilitate time and attendance. Evidentor offers users to register the start of working hours, breaks, and mark end of work. Evidentor also offers the management of all the related administrative procedures.

Time attendance and control

A modern approach to design allows you to easily control of working hours

Organization of schedules and shifts

Easy administration allows rapid organization of work commitments

Printing of attendance reports

Just one click to get an Excel document for the whole working month

Management of absence and holidays

Easily manage extraordinairy situations at work

Interface for workers

Workers have a simple display for scanning RFID cards. After a successfully scanned RFID card, the employee records his work day.  During labor, the worker can record a break and the end of working hours. All data that worker entered can be corrected and edited in the administration.

Interface for management - Administration

The administrators and managers can edit all configurations related to working times - they can add new schedules, shifts and add new workers. Each worker is given an RFID card with a code with which the employee logs into the interface.

You may visit our startup here: www.evidentor.ba