28.03.2018 11:45


We have implemented our Evidentor for the Middle School of Metal Professionals. Evidentor is a web application designed to facilitate working time records. Evidentor offers the option of registering start times, breaks, end-of-hours for employees as well as all administrative procedures.

We completed the Evidentor web application for middle school of metal professions. With the Evidentor application we provide the following services:

  • Records and time control (Contemporary access and design allow you to easily control your work time)
  • Organization of Schedules and Shifts (Light Administration enables a fast organization of work obligations) 
  • Print Job Forms (Only one click gets an Excel document for the entire working month)
  • Holidays and Vacancy Records (Simple Management of Emergency Situations at Work)

Workers have a simple view to scan an RFID card. After successfully scanning an RFID card, the employee records their start of the day. During work, the worker can record the break and end of working hours. All data entered by a worker can be corrected and edited in the administration.

Managers and Managers can edit all workflow configurations - add new layouts, shifts, and add new workers. Each employee is assigned an RFID card with a code that allows a worker to log on to their interface.

Visit our startup at https://www.evidentor.ba/