Projects that InnoTech has done for both local and international clients.
04.01.2017 21:23

Indeco - Optimik OMS installation

For the Polish company Indeco (impl. Lignumsoft) we have conducted an installation of the Optimik OMS solution. The system is used for specialized order processing of work tops in the furniture industry.

09.12.2016 13:07

AdanaCO website

For the local company AdanaCO d.o.o. we developed a new website to showcase their business.

28.11.2016 09:31

THM Travel - Website

For the tourism agency THM we developed and implement a new website for tour booking.

27.09.2016 16:59

Optimik OMS

For the Polish company Lignumsoft we developed a special version of our OMS. This OMS is designed to offer an intuitive and flexible interface for ordering manufacturing of worktops and elements.

09.09.2016 08:32

Adana CO MIS

For the local company Adana CO we implemented our MIS. The Implementation was not a simple task and, as always, we had to adapt the system to their working environment. MIS for Adana follows the process of production, warehousing, working hours control and many other aspects of their business.

08.09.2016 15:24

HadzicGradnja website

For the local company HadzicGradnja d.o.o. we developed a new website to showcase their business.