Projects that InnoTech has done for both local and international clients.
29.06.2017 11:18

Middle Point - Website

We developed new website for company Middle Point.

16.06.2017 14:18

Valter Elektro - Website

We have worked with the company Valter Elektro d.o.o. on development of their new websites.

09.06.2017 17:05

SOFF d.o.o. - Website

We developed and created another successful website. This time for the firm SOFF d.o.o.

22.04.2017 12:36

EuroOniks MIS

For the company EuroOniks - TeĊĦanj we implemented our MIS. Along with the successful implementation, it was necessary to adapt the system for their working environment. For EuroOniks, MIS monitors the manufacturing process, warehousing and many other aspects of their business.

05.04.2017 13:01

Evidentor startup - Application for working time attendance

We launched a new startup together with our colleagues from Globetech, the Evidentor application. Evidentor is a web application designed to facilitate time and attendance. Evidentor offers users to register the start of working hours, breaks, and mark end of work. Evidentor also offers the management of all the related administrative procedures.

23.03.2017 12:39

MojDragulj - Web Shop

We have built a web shop for MojDragulj - handmade jewelry artisan shop