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05.07.2022 19:20

Glovis software suite

For the company Glovis d.o.o. we have implemented a set of InnoTech applications. We used our MIS and DMS as well as developed a new platform for the needs of Glovis,

30.08.2017 17:07

SafeDriver - Website

With the company SafeDriver. We have been working on developing their new website. The goal was to develop a simple website that presents their services.

10.08.2017 17:07

Strojal d.o.o. - Website

We cooperated with the company Strojal d.o.o. on the development of their new website. The goal was to improve a simple web site which represents their services.

02.03.2017 12:26

Bosnian Experience Website

We designed and developed a website with professional design for the booking company Bosnian Experience.

04.02.2017 18:05

SurTec-Eurosjaj - Website

For the local company SurTec-Eurosjaj we developed a new website which presents their services and products. Along with professional design, we implemented our InnoTech CMS which serves for long term content editing of the website.

20.01.2017 19:06

GlobeTech - Web shop

For the newly opened company GlobeTech d.o.o. Sarajevo we developed a web shop to present You their work and offer the possibility of digital purchase.

09.12.2016 13:07

AdanaCO website

For the local company AdanaCO d.o.o. we developed a new website to showcase their business.

28.11.2016 09:31

THM Travel - Website

For the tourism agency THM we developed and implement a new website for tour booking.

08.09.2016 15:24

HadzicGradnja website

For the local company HadzicGradnja d.o.o. we developed a new website to showcase their business.


CMS - Content Management System

InnoTech CMS is designed to provide publishers and content authors a simple and versatile application to manage content for their websites. The CMS allows importing galleries, adding videos and working with Word-like editors with many predefined styles. The CMS also provides advanced publishing features to carefully plan content release.

03.08.2016 14:50

Temos d.o.o. website

Another successfully created and delivered website for a local company, Temos d.o.o.

15.07.2016 14:52


At the request of the association SAMED we have created and implemented a new website for the International Congress of medical sudents.

17.06.2016 15:10

Promenade INN website

At the request of the "Promenade INN" we have created a web site enabling them to present their accommodation capacities.

20.11.2015 12:41

Podlupom website

We have worked with the team from the coalition 'Pod lupom' on the development of their new website.

15.05.2015 12:28

FEDZZO website

FEDZZO (Federal Institute for Health Insurance and Reinsurance) and InnoTech have collaborated on the development of the website.

21.01.2015 12:15

Sarajevo FC website

With our old colleagues, while still being under the name "Pointer" we worked for Sarajevo FC to build their new wbsite, shop and CRM.