Podlupom website
20.11.2015 12:41

Podlupom website

We have worked with the team from the coalition 'Pod lupom' on the development of their new website.

New Website for coalition 'Pod lupom is online! You may visit the site here: PodLupom

Website Pod lupom is done in modern programming and design manners. Site uses Innotech CMS, with the help of which it is possible to edit their content and extend the functionality Postpay.

Coalition for Free and Fair Elections – Pod lupom was founded in May 2014 with the aim of implementing the project of civic, non-partisan observation of General elections in 2014.
The Coalition consists of six non-governmental organizations from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Centers for Civic Initiatives (CCI)

- Association of Citizens 'Democracy-Organizing-Progress' Prijedor (DON Prijedor),

- Institute for Youth and Community Development ''Perpetuum Mobile'' Banja Luka

- Center for Civic Cooperation Livno (CGS Livno),

- Social Innovation Incubator ''Munja'' Sarajevo (Munja Incubator)

- FTC (FGT Tuzla)
Contact coalition 'Pod lupom'
Head office

Koste Hermana 11/2, 71 000 Sarajevo

033 268 155

033 221 998

[email protected]