Valter Elektro d.o.o. WEBSITE
05.03.2014 14:03

Valter Elektro d.o.o. WEBSITE

We have worked with the company Valter Elektro d.o.o. on development of their websites.

Our client required a serious and transparent page to enable them better competitiveness.

On development of these site were used modern programming solutions and modern technologies.

Visit Valter Elektro d.o.o. website here: Valter Elektro d.o.o.

Services and activities which Valter Elektro deals with:

Testing, ma
Design, construction and reconstruction of substations, low and medium voltage networks and electrical power substations voltage level up to 35kV;
intenance and repair of substations and medium voltage equipment levels up to 35kV;
Design and construction of mini hydro electrical power stations, photovoltaic electrical power stations and wind electrical power stations;
Technical consulting, testing, analysis and calculations in the power sector;


Mail: [email protected]

Phone: +387 (0)33 628 927