Laracasts - the best Laravel content on the web
22.09.2016 14:42

Laracasts - the best Laravel content on the web

Learning is always important for personal development. Laracasts offers the best videos to learn the Laravel framework and related topics, such as databases, front-end development and most other Web-oriented topics.

Laracasts offers its viewers free videos, as well as the option to subscribe for all content. This site is very detailed, it provides concrete examples of applying Laravel. Laracasts directly follows the development Laravel and is the first to cover new changes features.

Laracasts provides access to all videos for only $9.00/mo. A lot of other topics are dealt with, for example:

  • Working with databases
  • Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • Frontend development
  • Principles of programming
  • Introduction to PHP
  • Patterns and modern web development

You can visit Laracasts  here: Laracasts