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16.05.2014 20:55
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The Premier League is the first fantasy football game that was made in BiH. The game is designed to offer players the ability to assemble their favorite team with players from the Premier League.

The browser game offers players the ability to assemble and lead a team of players from the Premier League BiH, competing with other players. It also offers basic information about the teams and players of the Premier League BiH.

Choose your team

With avirtual budget assemble a team of 15 players from the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Select carefully and take your team to victory!


Join leagues

Join private leagues or make your own. Share your league on social networks, competing with friends and monitor their progress.


Pick the first 11

Strategically think about your team and swap players from the bench for best results. Do not forget to keep track of the player market and make transfers when needed.