Ordinacija Razman Website
17.10.2015 17:19

Ordinacija Razman Website

For the Razman clinic we have developed a simple but practical website that offers insight into their service and offer useful information.

For the Razman clinic we have developed a repsonsive site for all types of screens and devices.

Dental clinic Razman is located in Kemal Kapetanovic 57, across from the patisserie Palma in Grbavica. On this site it exists since 2007.

Dr. Razman Vahid as the founder has been working in the private sector since 1991. In 1998 he continues to  work in the clinic Razman.

The family practice is based on mutual trust, long-standing tradition and experience, and continuing education in the field of dentistry. Our regular patients are our team, as the result of our work largely depends on our patients.

Contact information:

Kemala Kapetanovića 57, Sarajevo, 71000, BA
+387 61 109 449, +387 33 661 149
[email protected]